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About us

We are focused on DESIGN, driven by PASSION, enabled by our ability to BUILD.

DUENDE |do͞oˈendā| :

  1. a quality of passion and inspiration

  2. soul

  3. a certain magic

  4. that little indescribable something special


Duende is made up of people, and this group of people has personality, skills and ideas; in fact we’re probably a bit like you. We want to tell you a little bit about what drives us so that as you consider working with us you have a little better idea of team with which you will be partnering. Though, in the end you should just give us a call, we’d prefer to talk with you instead of staring at a computer screen.

Let us begin…..


We hope you now have a better idea of who we are but we mean it when we say we’d like to meet you. If we’ve piqued even the slightest bit of interest please give us a call, drop by our office or meet us for a cup of coffee. We look forward to meeting you.

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